Can Bearded Dragons Eat Flies? What Need You Know?

Some bearded dragon owners may question whether their pets can aid with fly prevention. Although it’s handy that bearded dragons will eat just about everything, this trait also means they can’t distinguish between healthy and unhealthy foods. It is your responsibility as their caretaker and owner to explain the difference to them. Understanding the differences … Read more

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Mealworm Beetles? Pros, Cons, Good

To begin, let’s define mealworm beetles. Darkling beetles produce mealworm beetle larvae. The scientific community also refers to them as Tenebrio Molitor. Mealworms resemble little caterpillars and may reach a length of around 3 inches; they can come in two different colors, brown and yellow. Although bearded dragons often won’t eat mealworm beetles, there are … Read more